Central Valley Funding

Central Valley Funding is a successful buyer of real estate notes, trust deeds and land contracts. Buying real estate secured contracts is our specialty!

Our approach is very simple, and to the point.

Our company’s outstanding history is mainly contributed from two factors! One, is our focus on providing competitive pricing for note holders while the second stems from our honest, fast and professional service. Our long term goal has always been to buy and build a stable portfolio of real estate contracts. We are flexible, very creative, outside-the-box thinkers.

Through this vision it has allowed us the freedom to purchase notes and real estate receivables that make sense.

In terms of our pricing options on any given Note, Trust Deed or Mortgage. There are various pricing options available to them so the selling experience is a win/win for all parties. The vast majority of the time, a note holder or potential note seller does not know of the various options available. In terms of purchase options we can buy the whole note or we can buy a set number of future payments which is called a partial purchase. The partial purchase is a simple and streamlined approach to note purchasing that creates a win/win for all parties.

Please take a few minutes to view the rest of our site for other useful information regarding your note.  One of the most basic elements is our education process for any note holder, providing the necessary information regarding multiple pricing options for any given promissory note.

We provide free evaluations of installment or promissory notes. We will explain the options available and go over the real estate market condition and options in case the note holder makes the decision to sell their note either now or in the future. During the evaluation of the note we will provide several partial purchase options and a full purchase for the note secured by either a Deed of Trust, Mortgage or Contract for Deed.

If you wish to call to explore your options.  (800) 819-0615

We buy real estate secured notes secured by the following real estate types:
1.  Bare and Improved Land.
2.  Mobile Homes with Land.
3.  Residential single Family and Commercial real estate of all types.

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