About Us

sellingCentral Valley One, Inc. DBA Central Valley funding is a successful investment company that specializes in one thing: The acquisition of real estate notes, and mortgages for our company trust account.

Our company’s outstanding history has largely been built on two factors. The first is our focus on providing competitive pricing for note holders, while the second stems from our honest, fast and professional service.

Our long term company goals have always been the same: to purchase quality notes and build a stable portfolio that will provide consistent income for the company trust account. Our company goals have been successfully reached and improved upon each year not only by the number of notes purchased but the by the quality of the assets purchased. This simple, but highly effective, goal has provided an extremely stable foundation for the long-term viability of the company. The ability to reach and maintain our goals has allowed us to provide some of the highest purchase prices in the nation, when purchasing a private note secured by either a mortgage, or deed of trust.

One factor that sets our company apart from the competition is that we offer a third party state licensed servicing agent for account servicing, which is solution based to help the payor in time of need. The accounts from the early stages of the note purchase to the completion at payoff, at maturity. Our third party account servicing is very solution based, especially when issues with payors arise. Sometimes payors are unable to make payments on time or have life emergencies. In life, unexpected things happen to good people that create financial hardship, this happens more often than we think. When this has occurred we have provided a countless number of solutions to assist payors when missed payments occur, or when the note’s balloon cannot be paid at the maturity date. We are in most cases willing to grant an extension and provide note modifications when banks will not lend money. It has always been our policy to help payors sell their real estate to help them recoup their capital and avoid any foreclosures if they are unable to make anymore future payments on the note.

Another option available to note holders is the partial purchase, by far our most popular option for note holders. Visit the partial purchase fundamentals page to see a detailed breakdown, with various scenarios to gain a better understanding and guide to a partial purchase.